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OVER THE PAST 10 YEARS, actions to eliminate deforestation/conversion in the Amazon biome taken by leading companies in their business activities in thebeef and soybean supply chains in Brazil enabled them to take significant qualitative leaps in making good their commitments. This very positive process was only possible thanks to the efforts made by those companies to monitor their raw material supply chains, followed by joint evaluation with civil society with the aim of proposing necessary improvements, validating processes and ensuring transparent results. Despite these positive results, however, deforestation/conversion continues in the Amazon and Cerrado biomes. This is evidenced by the annual deforestation/conversion rates announced by official agencies, whose levels are above those set for achieving the greenhouse gas emissions targets laid out in the Paris Agreement. In particular, the Cerrado biome poses a new challenge. Faced with this scenario of resumed deforestation/conversion, efforts must be made to strengthen the zero-deforestation/conversion commitments made by the parties. There is a window of opportunity to promote new qualitative leaps with the aim of ensuring compliance with those commitments. Technological innovations are useful in this new phase, which is also marked by strong development capacity. This is a propitious moment for reviewing, upgrading and developing new methods and technologies designed to contribute to expand and continually improve the processes applied by companies to comply with their commitments and achieve the set targets.


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