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This study demonstrated that in the MATOPIBA region few municipalities (i.e., twenty) have determining participation for the region concerning the values found in this research for: A. The total area of tree cover loss in remnants of the Cerrado biome in the period 2009-2015; B. The total area of remnants of the Cerrado biome estimated for the year 2015; and C. The agricultural production of temporary crops in the period 2001-2015.

The authors understand that efforts on different themes should focus on priority areas, namely:

A. Areas with the largest remnants of the Cerrado biome; B. Areas where agriculture has already been consolidated, i.e., in few municipalities (of a total of 337) and considering three temporary crops (soybean, corn, and cotton); C. Areas already opened by agriculture and livestock (i.e., abandoned/degraded pastures) and introducing and/ or strengthening integrated, agroforestry and silvopastoral systems.

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